If you are a trainer who teaches online, or simply you want to engage your students by using a more dynamic activity on the web, we want to propose you following  activities:

  1. Net-Brainstorming; propose a challenge and request your learners to propose ideas
  2. Rank your ideas; Rank and organize your ideas with your students.
  3. Peer review; Ask your students to provide feedback based on certain criterias
  4. Creative panel; Let your students add images and feedback to a panel, divided by topics, criteria or users
  5. Virtual trial; Present a scenario. Let your students to provide feedback in favour and against it
  6. Self-reflect (KWL); Chart: "What I know, What I want to know, What I learned" (or design your own table)
  7. Self-managed forum; Let your students approve, reject, "like" or "dislike" the messages.
  8. Share the web; Students can share websites (videos, pages, etc) and provide feedback
  9. Collaborative writing; Students can write simultaneously in a document, while they chat or comment.
  10. Open virtual room; Always open virtual room (video, audio and chat) for chatting, organise or enjoy a virtual café

You can use them for free by clicking on the following website: https://activities.ontrain.eu . If you are using an eLearning tool as moodle, you can integrate them as external tools, but you can also use them as stand-alone activities.