If you are a trainer who teaches online, or simply you want to engage your students by using a more dynamic activity on the web, we want to propose you two activities: a brainstorming and also a game to select the best idea among several proposals. The first one is based on starting from a statement or problem, then students are expected to contribute with new ideas and finally share it with the rest of the group.  About the second one, thanks to this activity, you can make your students vote a list of items and comment/justify their decision. This activity is useful to reflect, think and evaluate about a certain topic.

You can use them for free by clicking on the following website: https://activities.ontrain.eu . If you are using an eLearning tool as moodle, you can integrate them as external tools, but you can also use them as stand-alone activities.

We are also developing new activities, so take a look at out website to keep updated!